Welcome to HawaiiDiveCompany.com! We hope you enjoy our selection of SCUBA videos from our daily boat charters in Honolulu. Our Hawaii dive boat is located at Kewalo basin harbor in Honolulu specializing in Beginner first time scuba diving tours.

Rainbow Scuba Hawaii

We commonly receive inquiries regarding our Oahu dive shop or Honolulu scuba firm. As the owner/operator of our diving boat on Oahu, we limit our group size to six persons. As a result, it stands out among the other dive boats in Honolulu. The majority of boats transport parties of 20 to 30 people. Why dive with a Honolulu scuba company that lacks its own vessel or relies on a catamaran crammed to capacity with 30 divers? Smaller group sizes result in more safety and pleasure! Our PADI instructors have been diving seven days a week in Honolulu for almost 20 years. You must be conversant with the local diving areas in Hawaii if you wish to view marine life. The most important element is that our experienced instructors have a perfect safety record, ensuring a delightful and safe underwater adventure in Hawaii. Finally, because we operate from a private dive boat rather than a standard dive shop, we can guarantee the lowest scuba diving rates and no pressure to buy scuba equipment.